Frugal Campasaurus’s 5th Anniversary!

Good morning! I am so excited! Today is the 5th anniversary of the blog!

Happy 5th Anniversary, Frugal Campasaurus!

In 2019, I made sure to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Frugal Campasaurus, since I missed the 1st year anniversary. Now, I almost missed the 5th anniversary! With all the happenings and changes around us, time is still moving quickly.

I can’t believe it has been 5 years since the oldest said ‘here’s your blog’.

The husband’s favorite campfire meal- Reuben Pie Irons. After having them last year, it will now be a maple syrup season tradition!

I’d been talking about starting a blog to share our love of camping, family time, trips and (of course!) camping food.

But it is sooo easy to procrastinate.

I am so thankful my family has been supportive and encouraged me to just try.

It has been great fun to share our photos, tips, trips, frugal ideas, maple syrup days and (of course!) camping food!

These last 5 years, I have tried and learned about so many things, including how to take firework pictures and how to sell on Etsy!

I still have so many things I want to learn, try and share. New camping recipes, camper fixes(like Fixing the Camper Floor), Christmas projects and time lapse video (yet to come!)- it all looks soooo fun!

I love the outside nativity stable, and am so thankful blog visitors do too

I still need encouragement to try new projects and things though, and to quit procrastinating.

This year, I’m going to restart the Year Round Christmas Challenge and post a Christmas project on the 25th of every month.

Hopefully, this will motivate me to work on projects and also encourage you. The Year Round Christmas Challenge is always fun!

Actually, the 2019 Build a Frugal Outside Nativity Stable post is one of the most popular posts- it is #3 over all 5 years!

A few things haven’t changed over the 5 years- the camping sunset after a hail storm is still one of the husband’s favorite pictures, I still like seeing the turtle s when we canoe ( top post picture and Canoe Fun!) and Pie Iron Recipes- A Camping Cookbook Review is still the #1 post.

In fact, camp cooking and homemade maple syrup are my most popular topics. A Great Camping Breakfast-Bacon Pie Irons is #2, Pie Iron Care and Maintenance is #4 and Backyard Maple Syrup Production for Beginners is in the top 10.

Still one of the husband’s favorite pictures- taken the 1st year of the blog

It is fun to watch the posts change in rankings.Bacon Pie Irons was #3, now it has moved up to #2- I wonder what the many Yellowstone posts will do.

This last year, after delays, I was so thrilled to share our 15 day Yellowstone camping trip!

I have a very short bucket list- mostly I want to be thankful for and enjoy my family and friends and help share the love of Jesus- but visiting Yellowstone was on the short list, and I am so glad we went!

I had promised myself that I would not do a ton of Yellowstone posts- but it was an amazing trip! I hope you are enjoying the tips and pictures as much as I am enjoying sharing them.

In fact, I am so excited and humbled by how many of you are enjoying the blog!

By the 2nd anniversary, I had about 3,200 different viewers to the blog-and I was super excited. Now, by the 5th anniversary, I have had over 59,000 different viewers!



Thank you to everyone who has visited, shared or enjoyed Frugal Campasaurus! I am looking forward to sharing many more recipes, frugal tips, camp trips and (soon) maple syrup adventures! I hope you will join us!

Happy Camping (and celebrating!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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