Frugal Friday: Canoe Fun!

Good morning! Good morning! I know Fridays are supposed to be Frugal or Food Friday, but I had sooo much fun camping and canoeing that I wanted to share my Frugal Friday Fun!

We have had a few different boats over the years: ski boats, a pontoon and our current canoe. The ski boats were fast fun and the pontoon was great- it was big enough to relax on all day. Without a garage though, storage and maintenance was a problem. Everything was outside, trying to endure the weather.

The canoe is our cheapest boat, since it was a $300 or $350 Craigslist find, but it is so much fun!

Looks rough and needs new paint, but it was frugal!

The cost actually helps me to enjoy boating more. I don’t mind the canoe setting in the driveway, getting rained and snowed on. It was even fine when the canoe got hailed on this week.

We have a trailer to haul it, but if the canoe doesn’t go camping with us every time, it is also fine. When we had the pontoon, it seemed like we had to take it camping every time or we were wasting it. I’m glad we downsized from the pontoon to a canoe. I’m also glad we took the canoe with us camping a few weeks ago.

We went on an early morning canoe ride to try to see some wildlife before the heat of the day, and we did! We didn’t see the mink(?), even though we keep checking the same spots, but we did see other animals!

It was fun to see 2 goose families with young ones.

On our canoe rides, we usually see mostly turtles. Sometimes, I think I’m tired of seeing turtles-but I’m not. It is so fun to spy them on the logs and stumps in the lake. These turtles looked like they were stretching to reach the water.

Their friend was on the other side of the log, all by himself. He kept stretching his neck up like he was posing for a picture.

So of course, I took many pictures of him!

Usually, it’s hard for me to quietly paddle and get close to the turtles. Unfortunately, it’s easy to clank the oars on the canoe and scare them away.

This turtle didn’t care, he stayed on his stump the whole time we paddled past him.

When we started our canoe ride, the water was soo still and there wasn’t any breeze. If you look straight down the middle of the picture, you can see how the trees lined the gravel road before the lake was flooded.

I’m glad we started our canoe ride early, before the heat of the day, so we could search for and see some wildlife. I hope you enjoy the wildlife pictures from our Frugal Friday Fun! Hopefully, you also get to enjoy some frugal fun this weekend!

Happy Camping (or searching for turtles!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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