Summer Series

The Summer Series are challenges I take on for the whole summer!   I work on a project/family activity/craft/frugal idea during the week and then post about something every Friday.   Finishing something every week seemed scary, but having a definite ending date (the start of school)  for the challenge helps motivate me to follow through for the whole summer.


The 2017 Finish it Friday Series started to help me fight procrastination and finish projects  around the house.  I also included family fun activities that I had always wanted to do, but never did.  The goal, especially with the house projects, was to relax and enjoy the process- not just to rush as fast as I could to get done.


The 2018 Fun or Frugal Series is a continuation of the family fun activities, but with a twist.  Some Fridays I will post Fun activities, while other Fridays will be Frugal!  Since I love family fun activities and frugal activities, I am not sure I will have enough Fridays this summer!


Thank you for joining me for the Summer Series Challenges, hopefully you will find some projects to finish, or have fun with, this summer!