A Great Camping Breakfast- Bacon Pie Irons

Good morning!  We are just back from a fun weekend camping at our favorite state park.  I could not believe how full the campground was!  The husband went at 5:30 am on Friday to get a camping spot and there were only a few electric ones to choose from.

I could start reserving online, but that costs extra, so we might be going to primitive camp spots soon and using the quiet generator.  That would be an adventure as we have only used it once, and never when it was hot outside.

Canoe with a close up view- lots of turtles this weekend

This weekend, we hauled the canoe with the new trailer and used the canoe twice!  That is more than we used it all last summer!

The husband and the youngest went canoeing and saw lots of turtles, 6 of all different sizes were on one log.  At a different spot, they were able to get close enough to touch one!

When I went canoeing with the husband, we saw 5 separate turtles, including one we got very close too.  We also saw maybe a muskrat; he was furry, fat and very fast.

We enjoyed a yummy campfire breakfast Saturday that I’d like to share with you:   Bacon Pie Iron Breakfast.  It is so easy, has only a few ingredients and is a great excuse to start a fire in the morning.

      Breakfast basket, shade is good for outside cooking- but not so much for pictures

The 5th wheel camper has a pantry with 4 baskets.  At first, I didn’t like the baskets- they seemed to take up a lot of shelf space.

Now, I love them.

I have one basket for just breakfast stuff and one for campfire goodies, like frugal s’mores ingredients and cocoa mix.  When I go outside, I grab a basket and finish filling it with perishables and plates.  It is soo much easier to carry out.

Bacon Pie Irons are very easy to make, which makes it a perfect camping breakfast.

Bacon Pie Iron Ingredients

For each pie iron, you will need:

3 slices of bacon, thick cut is what I normally use, but thin is also fine

1/3-1/2 cup of frozen hashbrowns, no need to thaw

1 egg


First, lay 3 strips of bacon over a single open pie iron.

We like the cast iron pie irons.  I tend to place them over the flame instead of in the coals, so I am not good with teflon.   The teflon ones are lighter, but like the teflon pans we had at home, I use too high of heat and wreck them.  The cast iron ones last longer, but are heavier.  Sometimes, we rest them on the grate or prop them on the rim of the fire pit when we are cooking.

Since I am using bacon, there is no need to grease the pie irons.  The husband did ask why I did not get thick slice bacon like I normally do, but the thinner bacon worked fine.

Next, mound up frozen shredded hashbrowns.  They should be mounded up so they will snugly fill the pie iron when it closes, but leaving some room for the egg.

Break one egg on top of the hashbrowns, take a fork and break the yolk and stir it down into the hashbrowns.

Fold over the bacon to cover the egg and hashbrowns, then close the pie iron.  Cook over a fire until both sides are brown and crispy.  Time will depend on the heat of the fire.

We can usually hear the bacon sizzle, and after a few minutes carefully open it a little to check and see if it is beginning to brown.  Be careful when turning to cook the second side, the bacon grease can drip out, which is ok but can cause the fire to flame up.

Sometimes it will stick to the pie iron, a butter knife can be useful to get it out.

This is our favorite camping breakfast, I get to have a morning fire and the husband gets bacon.  I have added mushrooms with the hashbrowns and think onions would taste good too.

The youngest has a favorite camping breakfast also-bacon!  So he likes it when I make our favorite breakfast, because I usually cook up the rest of the package of bacon over the fire for him.  The middle one likes bacon also, but he likes his with Pie Iron French Breakfast Puffs.

Let us know if you try our favorite easy breakfast.  Or, if you like lots of bacon- try Easy Bacon and Potatoes.    Bacon Pie Iron Breakfast is a great excuse to start a campfire in the morning, and with such few ingredients it is an easy camping meal.

***Updated Variation- for a change, try adding a half or a whole slice of American cheese after the egg and before you fold the bacon down.  It is melt-y, cheese-y and yummy and doesn’t make a mess of the pie iron!

Happy Camping (and good eating!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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