Super Easy Camping Breakfast: Bacon and Potatoes

Good morning!  I am so excited to be camping again and to be able to share this Super Easy Camping Breakfast with you!

It has been about one month since we have gone camping!  The end of July and most of August are not prime camping times for us.  I don’t like hot weather and it seems silly to pay camp fees to sit inside in the camper air conditioning.  We love our camper, but I don’t like sitting inside all day.  Many times, it is even too hot to enjoy a campfire.  When the waking temperature is 77 degrees, it is hard to sit by a campfire and cook breakfast.  Even coffee is not as good, well maybe.

Rinsing out the cast iron, I used a few drops of soap since I haven’t used the pans in over a month!

Thankfully, the cooler weather is returning!  It is still getting hot during the afternoon (85 degrees yesterday), but the mornings and evenings are chilly again.  I needed to wear a flannel shirt early in the morning this weekend!  It was great!  So brisk and chilly outside, that the morning campfire and coffee were toasty warm and wonderful!

Since I am a morning person, and can’t seem to stay up late at night for campfires, I enjoy cooking breakfast outside, over the campfire.  This weekend, I cooked our favorite-bacon.  It always smells soo good cooking bacon outside.  Sometimes we use the griddle on the grill or on the old green Coleman camp stove , sometimes we use the pie irons, but this time I was able to use the cast iron over the fire.

I wanted to try something different than just bacon and eggs, so I made fried potatoes with bacon.  I wasn’t sure if I could start cooking the raw potatoes at the same time as the bacon, but it worked just fine.   It is possible to peel and slice the potatoes before hand.  Just make sure to store the potatoes in the refrigerator, covered  with water.  After the 4-5 potatoes were sliced, I didn’t want to get my hands messy with bacon.   To avoid the messy hands, I cut the bacon into 4 chunks and did not separate the slices.  I put the 4 chunks of bacon into the cast iron pan with the sliced potatoes, covered it with the lid and placed it over the fire.  This cast iron set is the one we keep in the camper, we use it over the fire when we are not using the dutch oven.  I like that the lid can double as a skillet.

After about 5 minutes, the bacon had softened so I could easily separate the slices with the spatula.  No messy hands!

It was fun, stirring and cooking over the fire as I enjoyed my coffee in the chilly weather.   What an easy breakfast!   The fried potatoes and bacon were done cooking in about 1/2 an hour, though I did have the fire a bit hot.

There was quite a bit of grease to drain out of the pan, but I was glad the potatoes and bacon were both done cooking at the same time.  Nothing got burnt!

Originally, I was going to add beaten eggs to the cooked and drained pan, to make a scrambled egg dish.

But it was such a nice morning, the family deserted me to go canoeing.   I did not think it would be good leftover breakfast if I added the  scrambled eggs, so I topped it with a few overeasy eggs instead.

They were lucky to even get breakfast!  My breakfast was very yummy!  An hour later, their potatoes and bacon warmed up quickly, while I made eggs and toast to top it.

I do think it would be good with the beaten eggs in it, and I will try it that way soon.

It was such an easy breakfast, there were no messy hands and it even warmed up nicely!  I am glad that chilly weather has returned so we can start camping again and I can start cooking over the fire again.

I am also glad they were able to go canoeing.  Earlier this weekend, I had seen turtles and a toad on my canoe ride with the husband.   They also saw turtles on their trip , and the husband saw a mink slipping into the water!  Someday, I am going to get a good picture of a mink when we go canoeing.  I am glad they didn’t explore the two large (1 foot) holes they found in the bank of the lake- who knows what lives in them. 






I love the views from the canoe!  The husband thinks I like the turtles because that is all we usually see, but it is neat to see how close we can get to the turtles with the canoe.  I try to be quiet, but it is easy to clank the oar on the canoe or run into sticks, scaring the turtles so they escape into the water.

I hope you enjoy the views from our canoe.   I also hope you enjoy the Super Easy Camping Breakfast.  I love that I could cook breakfast easily, over the campfire while I enjoyed my morning coffee.

Happy Camping ( or cooking bacon for a camping breakfast!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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