A New Summer Series- Finish it Fridays!

Good morning!  I am so energized and excited about my Procrastination and Painting Tips post.  After over a year of putting the jewelry project off, I finally have 2 earrings to wear instead of 1 with my necklace.  I can’t believe it only took 24 minutes to finish something I looked at for over 1 year.

I am also excited I didn’t wait to stain the baby gate for the deck or wait to do touch ups on the deck and bench.  They all look so nice.  I’m hoping the upkeep will help them last longer, which would be very frugal (I don’t want to replace the deck!)

Since I am so energized, I have decided to start a Summer Series:  Finish it Fridays!  I hope, no I will complete one idea, project or repair every Wednesday or Thursday this summer.  Then, I will  share my finished project on Friday morning.  I am hoping this will help me stay motivated to finish projects or ideas and fight procrastination.

I have many unfinished craft and sewing projects.  I also have notes and magazines articles cut out with fun science activities, outdoor ideas and cooking techniques I’d like to try.  I even have craft and science kits I have bought, that I hope to have the kid help me with.  Then, there are the Christmas present ideas I haven’t made yet……… There are definitely not enough Fridays in the summer to finish everything, but hopefully a summer series will motivate me to finish something every week.

My first Finish it Friday is short on pictures, but one I am very glad I did during the week: graduation details.  Our middle one is graduating from high school, and while he did not want an open house party, I still would like to decorate to make it a special day.  I am very glad I did not wait until graduation morning to work on the doorway pictures.

I love the simple, frugal supplies- construction paper, ribbon and pictures. It was fun finding the pictures, but I spent a lot of time looking through photo albums.

Silly me- the ribbon belongs between the pictures and the construction paper rectangles!

It was much easier to staple the construction paper to the ribbon and then attach the pictures with tape. The pictures cover up the staples since the ribbon is sandwiched between the paper and pictures.

It’s not quite done, needs a few more pictures, but I love the twirly effect in the doorway! The pictures were heavier than I thought. Stapling the ribbon to crepe paper didn’t work, it was too heavy. But I re-taped the crepe paper and it lasted for the day.

I wish the cream cheese mints had been a surprise!

Creating the doorway picture display took way longer than I thought, but since I finished it earlier in the week, I also had time to gather some school work from elementary school to display.  I am sure he will be very surprised.  I am also sure he will enjoy his cream cheese mints.  Since they had to dry on the dining room table, they were not a surprise.  Unfortunately, they are also about half gone!

I will not post a long article on Fridays, just a quick one to share a few notes, because Fridays are hopefully frugal garage sale days or get ready to camp days or even grandbaby days!  So, I hope you will join me for my Summer Series:  Finish It Fridays as I get motivated to finish projects and fight procrastination!

Happy Camping (or crafting)!

Frugal Campasaurus

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