First Attempt at Firework Pictures and Happy Fourth of July!

Good morning! I hope this finds everyone safe, healthy and keeping busy! The hot, hot weather stopped us from camping this holiday- but we were able to enjoy some local fireworks.

I hope you can enjoy the holiday-and these fun, festive pictures. I have always wanted to take pictures of fireworks, and this was my first attempt.

Since I also wanted to enjoy the fireworks, I didn’t stress about getting a perfect picture. I just took a lot! Looking at the pictures later was a surprise! Some of the pictures were amazing, some interesting and some were mostly missing!

I am glad I finally tried taking some firework pictures- while there are a lot of duds, some of them turned out amazing! I need to remember to not procrastinate, and just try!

I tried 2 lenses, changed the f-stop once and cropped the pictures, but didn’t change anything else. It amazes me that none of the pictures are altered and they still look so colorful and pretty!

I hope you enjoyed my first firework pictures and I hope you have a Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Camping (or exploring fun projects)

Frugal Campasaurus

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