A Yummy Variation of Hash Brown Pie Iron Breakfasts

Good morning!  I hope this finds everyone healthy, safe and busy!  Between the park closings and the hot weather, it seems like such a long time since we’ve been camping!

Experimenting and cooking over the campfire is one of my favorite camping activities.  Family time, canoeing and relaxing are also great fun- but I love playing with the campfire. 

Thankfully the last time we went camping, I was able to cook Mushroom Hash Brown Pie Irons for breakfast.  It is an easy variation of Hash Brown Pie Irons, but it is sooo yummy with the mushrooms!

Glad the coffee is already done, the pie irons are taking up lots of space!

Everyone was sleeping late when I wanted breakfast, so I was able to use as many pie irons as I wanted. 

How fun!

Thankfully, we have a lot of cast iron pie irons– I used 4 of them for my breakfast!

I love mushrooms, but they cook down so much.  I used 2 pie irons to cook the onions and mushrooms and another 2 to cook the hash browns.

Next time, when the husband wants to buy me a double pie iron– I need to say ‘Yes!’

But since everyone was sleeping, 4 pie irons worked great for my breakfast.

Mushroom Hash Brown Pie Irons is so easy, it isn’t a recipe. 


Mushrooms, sliced

Onions, diced

Hash Browns, still frozen works great

Oil and Butter

Salt and Pepper

Our round aluminum pie irons were a frugal garage sale find

Put 1 teaspoon of oil and ½ inch slice of butter in each mushroom and onion pie iron. 

I used about 1 slice of onion in each pie iron and then filled the rest of it with sliced mushrooms. 

For each hash brown one, I added 1 teaspoon of oil and frozen hash browns to fill the pie irons. 

I used about ½-3/4 cup for each pie iron, enough to be full and mounded up.  You can drizzle on more oil as it cooks if the hash browns are too dry looking, burning instead of frying or are sticking.

Ready for the campfire

Attach the other side of the pie iron cookers and close.  You want to completely fill the pie iron cooker, so they have good contact with the food and can brown it. 

Cook everything on both sides, over the campfire until the onions soften and everything gets golden brown. 

Sometimes, I stir the onions and mushrooms or I just shake the closed pie iron to stir them.

Cooking time varies, depending on the heat of the fire and where you place the pie irons.  Mine took about 10 minutes to cook.  Since I was playing with the campfire, I set the pie irons on the grill grate to cook.  Every few minutes, I would shake the onions and mushrooms or look at the color of the hash browns or turned over a pie iron or move one to a hotter spot or move one out of the flames… 

Onions and mushrooms are getting golden, but boy do they cook down!

It was fun, making an easy breakfast over the campfire while I enjoyed my coffee.

Usually, I am impatient and hold them right in the flames.  Unfortunately, this is how I have wrecked all our Teflon pie iron pans with the high heat.  Now, we have mostly cast iron pie irons.  The cast iron ones are heavier but more durable. The weight is ok when you can rest them on the fire grate or the edge of the fire ring.

A yummy, easy breakfast

When the Mushroom Hash Brown breakfast was done, I opened the pie irons over a plate.  If they stick, a fork or butter knife helps the hash browns come out. 

Since it is not enclosed in a crust or filled with melted cheese, the yummy breakfast is not as smoking hot as other pie iron recipes.  Cheese does sound good though, it might be hot enough to melt cheese after it was done.   Or maybe, cheese could go in when the onions and mushrooms are almost done?

I can’t wait to play with the campfire and make Mushroom Hash Brown Pie Irons again or even a cheesy variation!   I hope you are able to make a yummy, easy camping breakfast soon, too!

Happy Camping (or playing with pie irons!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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