Easy Pie Iron Hash Browns with Onions

Good morning!  Actually, I hope you are having a great morning!  We had a great weekend of canoeing, hiking and camping!  And on Saturday, I was able to make a great breakfast over the campfire: Easy Pie Iron Hash Browns and Onions! I can’t believe I have not made this simple,yummy dish in a Pie Iron before!

I really enjoy cooking over the campfire, especially breakfast.  Sometimes, I am up early enough to see the sunrise colors, but even if I’m not, I love having an early morning fire and cooking breakfast. 

Using only part of the pie iron to saute the onions

It is soo peaceful and quiet in the early morning, only a few other people are enjoying coffee, cooking or heading out to fish. 

I can enjoy my coffee and the campfire, while I relax and make breakfast.  Sometimes, it takes a few hours to make breakfast-but that’s ok, my family is not big on eating breakfast. In fact, they can skip breakfast and be perfectly fine.

I, on the other hand, am a breakfast person. I rarely skip breakfast. Usually, it’s granola, but when we camp, Bacon Pie Irons are one of my favorite breakfasts.

Some mornings, though, my tummy is extra rumbly.  Since I really don’t need 2 Bacon Pie Iron sandwiches, I’m glad I tried hash browns and onions in a Pie Iron this weekend.

Now, I have another favorite campfire breakfast food!

Maybe I just love everything cooked over the campfire?  Naaaah, Spaghetti Pie Irons were definitely a flop!

Maybe could have used even more hash browns, or a double pie iron- they were so yummy!

Like most Pie Iron recipes, Hash Browns and Onions are super simple and easy to make.  It really isn’t a recipe, but it is delicious!

Since they both use hash browns and can cook at the same time, Hash Browns and Onions is a great breakfast side dish with Bacon Pie Irons.

It would also be good with just eggs and toast or even on its own for breakfast, though a double pie iron would be a better serving size then.


Onions, diced


Hash Browns, still frozen is fine

Salt and Pepper

This side is done- time to flip!

Put about 1 teaspoon of oil and the onions in ½ of a pie iron sandwich maker.  I used 1 slice of an onion, diced; green peppers or mushrooms might also be good.

Cook onion over a campfire, stirring occasionally until lightly golden and partially cooked. 

I browned my onions and they were a bit over cooked when it was finished, but still yummy. Next time, I will only partially cook them.

When the onions are partially cooked, mound hash browns on top of them and drizzle with about 1 teaspoon of oil. 

Attach the rest of the pie iron cooker and close.  You want the hash browns to completely fill the pie iron cooker, so they have good contact and can brown.

Cook on both sides, over the campfire until golden brown.

What a yummy camping breakfast!

The cooking time varies, depending on the heat of the fire and where you place the pie irons.  Mine took 5-10 minutes to cook, about the same time as my Bacon Pie Iron.  Since I was making a relaxed breakfast, I had set the pie irons on the grill grate to cook.

Usually, I am impatient and hold them right in the flames.  Unfortunately, this is how I have wrecked all our Teflon pie iron pans with the high heat. Now, we have mostly cast iron pie irons.  The cast iron ones are heavier but more durable. The weight is ok when you can rest them on the fire grate or the edge of the fire ring.

I checked the hash browns after a few minutes, and then flipped and cooked the other side when the first side was golden brown.  If they stick, a knife or fork can be used to loosen them when you peak inside to see how they are cooking.  

After flipping the finished pie irons onto a plate, make sure to let them cool before eating.  Pie irons are usually very hot.  After making a Bacon Pie Iron for the husband, mine were the perfect temperature to eat.

We had a great camping weekend and I am so glad that I tried Pie Iron Hash Browns and Onions.  I love having new choices for camping meals. It is such a simple, easy camping food, but a great breakfast over the fire.  Hopefully, soon, you can enjoy cooking over the campfire, too!

Happy Camping (or smelling a sizzling breakfast!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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