Rhubarb Dessert Pie Irons

Good morning! I love rhubarb probably as much as I love experimenting over the campfire. A few weeks ago, I unfortunately tried to combine the 2- with unhappy results. Rhubarb Dessert Pie Irons 1 and 2 were flops!

As much as I love sweets, I don’t make many campfire desserts. The timing is never right.

Rhubarb sauce looks soooo yummy!

After supper, I’m full. Since I’m an almost extinct camper who enjoys sunrises, I go to bed early. No nighttime desserts.

After lunch, we usually don’t have a campfire going, so no lunchtime desserts.

After breakfast-well…..people don’t have dessert after breakfast, right?

But I want to experiment and make campfire desserts!

So, I’m trying to convince myself that mid-morning desserts are acceptable. The grandbaby would definitely agree, though I’m not sure about the rest of my family. I have several good-ish reasons ready, if they question me: I usually have a campfire going all morning, I’m not awake late at night, and since I don’t have nighttime desserts-breakfast desserts are good.

Cream cheese might be a good addition

At least they should taste good. The Rhubarb Dessert Pie Irons, that I made mid-morning after Tortilla Breakfasts, did not.

Actually the flavor was good, but for me the texture was not.

Rhubarb Dessert Pie Iron Recipe, and Cream Cheese Variation


Bread, 1-2 slices per sandwich

Rhubarb Sauce (or other fruit jam or sauce)12 Tablespoons per sandwich

Variation: Sprinkle of Sugar

Make sure to trim off bread edges-it burns quickly!

Cream Cheese, 1-2Tablespoons per sandwich

Generously butter the bread and place in pie iron halves with the butter side facing out to prevent sticking to the pie iron.

Place 1- 2 Tablespoons of rhubarb sauce on bread.

Usually the sandwich should be full, so the bread has good contact with the pie irons and gets golden brown. I was afraid that if I made it full it would be too saucy, so I under filled it.

Bad idea. When I was done cooking, the middle sunk.

After closing the pie irons, trim the extra bread from the edges of the pie iron so it doesn’t burn.

Then, cook on both sides over the fire until golden brown and toasty, about 5 minutes. Cooking time depends on heat of the fire and how hungry or patient you are. Sometimes, I set them over the coals and other times, I will set them right in the flames.

Once both sides are golden brown, flip them out of the pie irons onto a plate to cool. Waiting to eat is the hardest part- but they will be smoking hot and so will the sauce inside! If the toasty bread or bread edges stick to the pie iron, use a fork or knife to gently loosen it.

It is such a nice golden brown- can’t believe it is not crispy!

For the variation, I placed 1-2 Tablespoons of cream cheese in small dots on the bread before adding the rhubarb sauce. I also sprinkled sugar lightly in the pie iron to give it a crispy, sweet crunch.

As much as I love rhubarb and cooking over the campfire, the Rhubarb Dessert Pie Irons were not yummy, yummy. I’d even call them a flop since I didn’t finish eating either pie iron.

The rhubarb flavor was good, but my sauce is not thick like jam. This, along with a bread crust, made the dessert pie iron soggy. The sprinkle of sugar did help give the variation a sweet crunch, but the inside bread was still very soggy. The addition of cream cheese with the rhubarb sauce was very yummy though.

The Rhubarb Dessert Pie Irons might have been a flop, but I’m still happy.

I was able to experiment and cook over the campfire.

I have decided that breakfast dessert should be a thing, especially since I don’t get evening dessert!

I am also happy to have a reason to experiment more over the campfire: Rhubarb Dessert Pie Irons should be delicious! I will make a few changes, experiment over the campfire again and hopefully soon have a new, yummy dessert for you!

Happy Camping (or making breakfast desserts!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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