Frugal Finds Friday: A New Nativity

Good morning! Even though I am glad it is garage sale and auction season again, I have only gone shopping a few weekends this summer.

Between trying to save money, vacations, the garden and house projects (though thankfully no big camper projects), I haven’t gone garage sale-ing as much as I would like. Also, sometimes I am lazy and want to just stay home-but that’s ok, staying home helps me not to spend money.

Just a few fun finds this month

This week, I saw an estate sale sign on my way home from grocery shopping. Even though I had forgotten the cooler for milk, and I worried about it getting warm, I still made a quick stop.

I love estate sales. There is usually a lot to choose from and the last day (in our area) is ½ price day.

Unfortunately, I stopped on the 1st day of the sale.

There were a lot of items, but some were more expensive than I like. $8 for a dozen pint mason jars? $20 for a covered Pyrex casserole dish? Since I have some nice Pyrex and lots of mason jars at home, I decided to wait and return on ½ price day for some items-maybe.

Beautiful new nativity plate- now I can’t wait for Christmas

I did find a few items on the first day though. A $1 hammer was a good buy since I can’t find any of ours!

I also found a tile nativity plate for only $2.50! I love nativities, especially different ones and my outside one.

My new nativity plate is so pretty! I am glad I stopped on the 1st day, the nativity might have been gone by the last day.

Maybe I should go to estate sales on the 1st day and the last day!

It was probably also a grocery day a few weeks ago, when the husband drove me to a few garage sales. I didn’t find anything at most of the garage sales, but I did find 2 pair of unfinished embroidery pillowcases. They were $1 a pair. How fun and pretty! The pillowcases will be a nice project to take camping.

What pretty edging on the pillowcases

I also found another red tablecloth for $1. Maybe it will be an apron, since I keep finding and buying tablecloths!

Update: I was able to stop on the last day of the estate sale!

The covered Pyrex dish and a few other nativities were already sold, but many of the mason jars were still at the sale. I ended up paying 10 cents for each jar, so 2 boxes were $2.20 instead of $16!

The husband would not agree that I need more jars, but I definitely need to go to estate sales on the first day and the last day! How fun!

Hopefully, you can find some frugal garage sale or estate sale treasures of your own even if you have to go to the same sale twice!

Happy Camping (or watching for sale signs!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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