Pie Iron Breakfast Tortillas-Sausage Variation

Good morning! Recently, we camped. 90-97 degree temperatures were predicted and we still camped. Actually, it was a muggy, humid 94 degrees on that Saturday, but we were able to mostly enjoy a relaxing camping weekend.

While it was not the same as early spring or brisk fall camping, it was better than staying home all of hot July and hot, hot August.

With the heat, the campground was emptier than normal.

My goal was to enjoy campfire cooking, enjoy the cooler parts of the day outside and enjoy the air conditioning when I had to. And I did! Though I enjoyed the campfire cooking the most.

Since the husband missed Friday’s campfire breakfast while at work (I did send him a yummy picture!), I was glad Saturday didn’t start too hot. I was able to cook another campfire tortilla breakfast, Sausage Variation, even though at 6:30 it was already 75 degrees outside.

I love an early morning campfire. I was up too late to see the sunrise, but I enjoyed the peace and quiet, my coffee and starting the fire. Cooking the sausage links over the campfire smelled so yummy. I used the lid part of our cast iron set. Having the options of covered dutch oven, a deep or a shallow skillet is great when camping.

Cooking breakfast over the campfire smells soooo good!

Since I still didn’t have leftover scrambled eggs, I cooked the eggs inside the camper in a nonstick pan.

I have a few nonstick pans that I use when camping. They are for the campstove or inside the camper only, so they don’t get sooty over the fire. Mainly, I use them for scrambles eggs or boiling noodles.

Once the sausage links and scramble eggs were cooked, it was easy to assemble and cook the Pie Iron Breakfast Sausage Tortillas.

I was using medium sized tortillas, which leaves a gap when I fold the tortillas in the pie iron. A small patch tore form a folded side works great to cover the hole and prevent cheese from leaking out.

Pie Iron Breakfast Sausage Tortilla Recipe, for 1 pie iron sandwich

1 egg, scrambled and cooked

1/2-1 slice of American cheese

1-2 cooked sausage links, cut into pieces

1 flour tortilla

options- partial can of green chili, onions, green peppers, mushrooms or cherry tomatoes might be good also

We had to use the net food covers and an outside fan to help keep the flies away.

Lightly oil the pie irons, so the tortillas don’t stick while cooking. Place tortilla in one half of the pie iron, centering it.

Place scrambled egg and cut up sausage links on the tortilla and top with cheese. It needs to be a full sandwich so there is good contact between the tortilla and the pie iron to help it cook and brown-but not so full that you can’t shut it!

Try not to tear the tortilla as you put in the filling and fold it over. I have tore some and still used them, sometimes the cheese leaks out but the pie irons are not too hard to clean.

Fold tortilla sides in, overlapping them. I had a small gap where the medium sized tortillas didn’t meet,so I tore a patch from the folded over part and it worked great.

Almost ready to cook!

Close the other half of the pie iron cooker. Since the tortilla is all folded in to make the crust, there shouldn’t be any extra that sticks out of the pie iron.

Cook on both sides over the fire until golden brown and crispy. I check them after a few minutes, and then flip and cook the other side when the first side is golden brown.

They take about 5-10 minutes to cook, but it does depend on the size of your fire and where you place the pie iron. Since we use heavy cast iron pie irons, I try to set them on the grate or rest it on the fire ring as I cook.

I really prefer the cast iron pie irons even though they are heavier than the teflon ones. I tend to get impatient when I cook and place the pie irons directly in the flames, this has ruined our teflon ones. The cast iron ones cook and clean up well, but I do miss the teflon double size pie iron. A double Breakfast Sausage Tortilla would have needed an extra large tortilla, but how yummy!!

Mine folded funny, but was still golden, crispy and yummy!

The husband enjoyed his Breakfast Sausage Tortilla much better than his picture of Friday’s Breakfast Tortilla.

We both liked them, but think onions or green chili would be a nice addition for a little more zip. I still think some cut up cherry tomatoes would be good in them.

I am so glad we went camping, even though the weather was hot, hot!

We were able to enjoy a relaxing camping weekend, I was able to enjoy cooking over the campfire and the husband was finally able to enjoy Breakfast Sausage Tortillas in a pie iron! Hopefully, soon, you can too!

Happy Camping (or surviving the heat!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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