Campfire Muffins on a Stick?

Good morning, morning! This weekend, I made a fun, toasty treat on a marshmallow stick- mini muffins!

The mini muffins were leftovers from home. I usually don’t prep food for camping- I don’t want to cook before camping to cook camping.

Easy to grab leftovers from the freezer-also easy to store in a bread bag!

I do check the refrigerator and freezer for leftovers to take camping. Sometimes I save specific leftovers in the freezer for future camping meals, like taco meat or maid-rites.

Other times, I will grab odd leftovers to experiment with over the campfire.

This week, I grabbed frozen Cranberry Nut Mini Muffins! Later, I was sooo glad I did!

The mini muffins are actually leftover leftovers- they were from extra cranberry nut bread batter that I made into mini muffins.

After the bread and some mini muffins disappeared, the extras went in the freezer.

Thankfully, I grabbed them from the freezer for campfire experiments- they made a yummy, toasty breakfast treat!

I was extra hungry at breakfast, so while the coffee perked and sausage links cooked, I experimented. The mini muffins were cold from the refrigerator and we were at a primitive non-electric site, so just warming them in the microwave was not an option.

What could I do with leftover mini muffins?

It is so fun to play over the campfire!
  • Fill a tortilla pie iron with crumbled muffins? No, it was too early for carbs in carbs.
  • Crumble the muffins, top with butter and brown sugar, then cook in a pie iron?
  • Use them as a topping for an apple crisp pie iron? Maybe in the future, but no apples in the camper right now.
  • Warm them on the campfire grate? tooooo dirty!
  • Pretend they are marshmallows? Oooooh!

The mini muffins are the size of marshmallows, so one fit perfectly on a marshmallow stick.

Golden, toasty and yummy!

I warmed and slightly toasted one over the campfire. The 1st mini muffin was still firm as I buttered the top, it was also cold in the middle.

The 2nd mini muffin was warmed and toasted longer. It was squishy soft, wonderfully warm inside and slightly crunchy, crispy golden outside.

A perfect, quick breakfast treat!

The mini muffins are best eaten straight off the marshmallow stick, while still warm from the campfire.

Mine were a golden brown and crispy from toasting in the flames a little, not near as long as I toast(or burn) my marshmallows. But they were sooo yummy!

And fun! And quick!

My kids are older and sleep late, but I imagine toasting mini muffins on a marshmallow stick would keep the grandbaby and younger elementary kids busy while a campfire breakfast is cooking.

It definitely kept me busy cooking and munching as the sausage links cooked.

The warm and slightly toasted mini muffins were a great quick snack and a yummy leftover experiment on the campfire. I’m sooo glad I have more mini muffins in freezer for our next camping trip!

Happy Camping(or toasting a breakfast treat!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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