Campfire Breakfast Burritos

Good morning!  I have been so happy to camp and experiment over the campfire lately!  It has been so fun!  In fact, the youngest was able to bring a few friends camping, so my food guinea pigs were back!

I like the food guinea pigs; it is fun cooking for a group of kids!  They usually eat (or at least try) my campfire cooking.  I’m not sure if they are hungry from camping or just very polite.  I do know they loved my newest camping breakfast:  the whole plate of Campfire Breakfast Burritos was quickly gone!

I had to keep the husband away from the cooked sausage- or it would disappear!

Campfire Breakfast Burritos take a bit of time to make (cooking, folding, wrapping) but it is an easy recipe that makes a large batch. The leftovers are also easy to store and reheat. 

The husband helped me cook Campfire Breakfast Burritos, though he wasn’t thrilled that I used a cast iron pan.

My scrambled eggs usually stick in the cast iron, but I wanted to cook over the campfire.  I also did not want to ruin the camper Teflon pan with soot or high heat from the fire.  Using the cast iron pan ended up fine, the scrambled eggs stuck, but soaking and light scrubbing cleaned it.

Eggs and sausage is ready- time to warm tortillas

It is an easy recipe: spicy, sausage-y scrambled eggs and cheese in a folded burrito.  Once we had a routine, the filling, folding and wrapping went quickly.

We used both parts of the Dutch oven.  Sausage and scrambled eggs were cooked in the deep half, while the lid half was used to warm the tortillas over the campfire. Even though this Dutch oven doesn’t have the feet, I love using it- it makes great cinnamon rolls!

Campfire Breakfast Burrito Ingredients

Ready to fold, but I forgot the aluminum foil!

1 pound ground sausage

½ of onion, diced

½ of small can of green chilies (I used 1 jalapeno and ½ of a green pepper from the garden, sauteed and frozen last year)

9-10 eggs, lightly beaten

Salt and pepper to taste

12-14 slices of American cheese (could use shredded cheddar)

12-14 flour tortillas

Aluminum foil

Brown and cook the sausage, onion and peppers until done and no longer pink.  Drain off grease.

Add beaten eggs, salt and pepper to the sausage mixture. Cook and stir until done.

Assembly Routine

Folded and ready to wrap with aluminum foil.

I warmed one flour tortilla at a time.  They needed to be soft, warm and pliable to fold.  I watched and flipped them quickly, so they were not crispy and dark like the ones we make for burritos at home.

Once the tortilla was warm, I put it on a square of aluminum foil that was on a plate. 

Then, I put another tortilla in the pan.  While the second one started warming, I put 1 slice of cheese (tore into 2 long strips) and a small scoop of scrambled egg mixture into the center of the tortilla. 

The husband would spread out the scrambled egg and fold the tortilla. 

We have a few done and warming.

He folded the bottom up first, then the 2 sided were overlapped and rolled up.  The top was left open.  Finally, he wrapped it in aluminum foil.    

The wrapped breakfast burritos were set on the campfire grate to stay warm and melt the cheese. 

The recipe made 12-14 breakfast burritos. When we were done making them, I took a large plate of warm burritos into the camper for the sleepy food guinea pigs. Later, I was happily surprised to find an empty plate.

We did have 2 leftover burritos. We stored them in the aluminum foil in the refrigerator. Once the foil is removed, they are easy to reheat in the microwave.

I enjoy cooking over the campfire, especially breakfast. It is great that the family and kids enjoyed the new Campfire Breakfast Burrito recipe. Hopefully, we can make it again soon!

Happy Camping ( or cooking a campfire breakfast!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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