Campfire Cinnamon Tortilla Tidbits

Good morning!  I’m so glad that camping season has finally started.  Hiking and relaxing by the fire last weekend was fun!  I’m also glad that we tried a new Pie iron meal from leftovers:  Tortilla Tacos.  They were easy and delicious!  Unfortunately, they also made tortilla scraps.  But, Cinnamon Tortilla Tidbits solves the tortilla scrap problem!

The tortilla that is left after making a Pie iron always bothered me.  Silly.  But that’s why we never used tortillas as Pie iron crusts before. 

Such a large amount of scraps!

Bread is a good Pie iron crust and Bucket O’Bread is also good, but so were the tortillas.  Camping options are sooo important, I’m sorry we didn’t try tortillas as a crust sooner. 

Thankfully, I was able to keep experimenting by the fire; Cinnamon Tortilla Tidbits from tortilla scraps is a yummy snack.  Even my new guinea pigs liked them-well, at least one of them did!

The youngest brought friends camping.  Even though it was too cold to canoe, they had fun hiking.

They were also willing to try my campfire experiments.  They enjoyed Pie iron Tortilla Tacos, but only one tried the Cinnamon Tortilla Tidbits. 

I love the frugal, easy ingredients

Silly me said, “If they are good, you can share them-or not.  You could eat them all yourself.” 

The guinea pig liked them so well that the others didn’t get any!  How funny!  Of course, they were also full of tacos.

I tried 2 variations of Cinnamon Tortilla Tidbits:  one prepared before toasting over the fire, one prepared after toasting. 

Guinea pig like them both, but thought the one prepared after toasting had a more cinnamon-y taste.

Cinnamon Tortilla Tidbits are just like cinnamon toast, so there is not much of a recipe. Thankfully, there was a jar of cinnamon sugar in the camper. Cinnamon toast is the grandbaby’s favorite snack (and breakfast, lunch, supper….), so I keep a mason jar with cinnamon and sugar mixed together at home and in the camper.

Cinnamon Tortilla Tidbit Ingredients

They look kind of strange on the marshmallow forks

Flour tortillas, scraps from previous pie iron meals work wonderfully


Cinnamon sugar, mix ½ cup of sugar with 2-3 teaspoons of cinnamon

For the 1st tidbit, I buttered one side of the tortilla and sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar.  Then, I put it on a marshmallow fork. 

I was amazed at how quickly the snack cooked over the fire.  In 2-3 minutes, it was crispy, golden and done!  Some of the cinnamon sugar dripped off, but I rotated it often to help keep the butter and sugar on. 

They cook amazingly quick, and smell sooo good

For the 2nd snack variation, I toasted the tortilla scraps on a marshmallow fork before I buttered and sugared it. 

They still toasted quickly over the fire, but it was a little harder to butter the hot tortillas.  Since I sprinkled cinnamon sugar on last, it didn’t drip into the fine and had more flavor. 

Both variations were yummy!  And quickly gone!

So yummy! It’s no wonder they weren’t shared!

Next time, I will use the 1st variation.  Buttering and sprinkling sugar before toasting will be easier, but I will also add a little extra cinnamon sugar when they are done cooking to have more flavor. 

It is so fun experimenting over the campfire.  The Cinnamon Tidbits were a delicious answer to the tortilla scraps!  I can’t wait to try more tortilla Pie iron recipes, then we can also make quick, easy Cinnamon Tortilla Tidbits for a snack!

Happy Camping (or using up yummy scraps!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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