Campfire Oatmeal: An Easy Pantry Breakfast

Good morning! Good morning! At home, oatmeal is a quick, nutritious breakfast. It is easy: for 1 person, add ½ cup of old fashioned oats to 1 cup of heated water, simmer and stir for about 5 minutes until thick. Add lots of brown sugar and cinnamon, sometimes milk. Breakfast is done.

We have oatmeal occasionally, but especially on cold mornings.

Not in August.

Never camping.

I’m glad for already packed pantry items!

But Campfire Oatmeal is a reminder (especially to me!) that a camping breakfast can be quick and nutritious, fun,yummy and easy- and not include bacon.

I love cooking over the campfire and anything with bacon is a great camping breakfast, but sometimes I want a super quick camping breakfast. Something like cold cereal or granola bars, but more fun since we are camping.

Campfire Oatmeal is a great answer! It is yummy, super quick and cooks over the campfire- so definitely fun!

It is also easy to cook since it needs just a few ingredients,which thankfully are in the camper pantry. At the last minute, we decided to go camping. Since I don’t like the heat, we watched the weather and talked all week about camping.

Kindling pieces can also help bent grates

Monday-no camping

Tuesday-no camping

Wednesday-maybe no camping

Thursday-go camping!

We decided to go on Thursday morning and the husband pulled the camper to our favorite local state park on Thursday evening. Not much time for packing!

I was glad the camper is always partially packed. I only need to check clothes and pack some food. While we don’t leave the camper plugged in or the refrigerator on while it’s at home, I do leave some food in the pantry.

It is great to have kitchen staples, camping staples and canned goods already in the camper, so I don’t need to remember everything. The cinnamon/brown sugar and oatmeal are usually for grandbaby toast, cinnamon rolls or rhubarb crisp-but this trip I used them for an easy breakfast!

This sooty pan definitely stays outside!

And it was easy! After the husband left for work, I started a small fire and made a single serving of campfire oatmeal. Usually, I don’t cook for just 1 (or even just 2!) so my campfire pot was just a little too big.

Besides the cast iron pans, I have one coffee pot and one cooking pot that I use on the campfire. I don’t want soot on all my pans, and definitely not on pans that go in the camper.

Just like pie irons, soot pans stay outside. The sooty pans get stored in a grocery bag in an outside camper cubby, so I don’t need to super scrub the outside of the pans to get all the soot off. I’m sure I use the pots more often, since it’s easier to clean and store them.

I thought about cooking in the coffee pot, but didn’t, instead I will add a smaller, campfire pot to my garage sale list. It was hard cooking a single serving of oatmeal in the larger pot.

Super quick cinnamon-y breakfast!

It was also a little harder since the fire grate was uneven and all the water was on one side of the pot. A few pieces of kindling propped up the grate, eventually they scorched and started smoking. But by then, my oatmeal was done cooking!

5 bubbly minutes over a campfire goes by fast! I’m not even sure it was 5 minutes, since the flames were high. I did stir it often, and move the pot around on the fire grate to help control the heat.

With the grandbaby’s cinnamon and brown sugar, Campfire Oatmeal was an easy breakfast! It was yummy and quick, like cold cereal, but much more fun!

I need to remember that cooking over the campfire can be fun and yummy and not include bacon! I hope you get a chance to try Campfire Oatmeal as an easy, quick but fun camping breakfast soon!

Happy Camping (and cooking breakfast over the campfire!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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