Leftover Pork Roast Pie Irons- A Quick, Easy Camping Meal

Good morning, morning! I’m so excited! A few week ago, we were able to enjoy a new pie iron recipe and beautiful weather -despite the rainy forecast.

The rain was only forecast for 1 overnight and morning, but combined with house chores, I was uncertain of camping. Thankfully, the husband finally said “Let’s just go”.

Easy ingredients, easily carried out in a basket. I had Co-Jack and American cheese,options are so fun!

And he was so right!

Weeding and picking rhubarb could wait 3 days.

All my ‘should do’ cleaning and house projects could also wait, but if I kept waiting to camp-I know hot, hot weather does not wait.

Even though I’m trying to enjoy camping in some heat, I prefer to camp and cook over the fire in cooler weather. So I should not let ongoing chores or forecast weather stop us from camping. And I would never camp if I waited for weeding to be finished!

Sauteed onions in a pie iron-I’m lucky any made it in the sandwich!

I’m so glad that we went camping, that the forecast rain was only a few sprinkles and that we enjoyed a new pie iron recipe! Leftover Pork Roast Pie Iron was delicious!

I enjoy cooking and experimenting over the campfire, especially with pie irons. It seems like everything is delicious when cooked with warm, melt-y cheese in a pie iron!

Well, most everything- spaghetti pie irons and rhubarb pie irons were definitely flops. But, they led to some great new recipes!

Mock Lasagna Pie Irons and Cranberry Pie Irons are both soooo yummy, just like the new Leftover Pork Roast Pie Iron.

Leftover Pork Roast Pie Iron

Leftover slice pork roast, or sliced pork chop,2-3 slices per sandwich, cut up

Sauteed, sliced onion

Sliced mushrooms

American cheese, ½ slice per sandwich


Flour Tortillas,  I used medium  or large tortillas.  I have used small tortillas, there was a 1 inch hole where it didn’t overlap but any filling that leaks out is usually easy to clean.

Make sure non of the folded tortilla sticks out

For each pie iron sandwich, lightly oil the pie irons, so the tortillas don’t stick while cooking. Place tortilla in one half of the pie iron, centering it.

Press cold, cut up leftover pork into the tortilla. Press meat in gently; trying not to tear the tortilla. If you do tear it, it can still be ok. I have tore other pie iron tortilla sandwiches and they cook fine.

Top with sauteed onion, mushrooms and ½ of a cheese slice. It needs to be full, so there is good contact between the tortilla and the pie iron.

Nice and golden! But, the hot pie iron will melt the tablecloth so I rest it on a log.

Fold tortilla sides in, overlapping them. Close the other half of the pie iron cooker.  Since the tortilla is all folded in to make the crust, there shouldn’t be any extra that sticks out of the pie iron.

Cook the pie irons over the fire, on both sides, until golden brown and toasty. Cooking time is about 5-10 minutes, depending on heat of the fire. Sometimes, I set them over the coals and other times, when I am really hungry, I will set them right in the flames.

This is why we have mostly cast iron pie irons, I am usually impatient and set them right in the flames.  I have wrecked all our Teflon ones with the high heat. The cast iron ones are heavier but more durable. The weight is ok, because we usually rest them on the fire grate or the edge of the fire ring when cooking.

Sooooo Yummy!

I check the sandwiches after a few minutes, and then flip and cook the other side when the first side is golden brown.

When they are done and flipped onto a plate, they are always super-hot, so wait to start eating them!

Using leftover pork roast or leftover pork chops made this a quick, easy camping meal. I did saute the onions over the campfire in a pie iron. If you wanted a super quick meal, you can use raw onions, green onions or cook them ahead of time.

I don’t precook many ingredients for camping-who wants to cook before camping to cook while camping?

I will use leftovers and even planned leftovers, but I don’t want to add cooking chores at home. I just want camping to be easy and yummy!

Thankfully, the new Leftover Pork Roast Pie Iron recipe is both easy and yummy! You could change the cheese and vegetables, but the cooked onions and mushrooms in it were delicious!

Green onions, green pepper, maybe even leftover potatoes from the roast would also be great. Actually, I will try a Variation Pie Iron recipe with leftover potatoes soon, because that sounds really yummy!

Happy Camping (and not waiting to go-there are always more weeds to pick!!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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