Fun or Frugal Friday? A Summer Series Challenge!

Fun, Fun, Fun?  Frugal, Frugal, Frugal?  Good morning!  Last summer, I had a ‘Finish it Friday Challenge’ to help me fight procrastination.  Every Friday, I posted something I had finished during the week.  Now, I’m doing better relaxing and enjoying projects as I finish them.  Not just rushing to get finished, but enjoying the project itself.  This is helping me to finish more projects and not procrastinate (so much).

Last week, the youngest found ink pens- only $1.10!

In addition to around-the-house projects, part of last year’s challenge was to finish family fun things that I always wanted to do, but never did.  I really enjoyed the fun Friday Challenge projects.  We finished tie dye shirts, sand candles, bleach shirts….things I had bought years ago, but just never did with the kids.

This year’s Summer Challenge will be a surprise– some will be more of those Fun Friday projects, while others will be Frugal Fridays!

Frugal Fridays could be a hint I use to save money, garage sale finds, or maybe even a garage sale makeover item.  Maybe they will be a frugal recipe, a way to save on energy use or even a frugal gift I make.  There are so many fun ideas, I’m sure I won’t have enough Fridays in the summer-just like last year!

But also like last year, I will post every Friday for this Summer Series Challenge.

This week is Frugal Friday!

This Friday, I was lucky enough to go garage sale-ing with the youngest, so I will share some garage sale finds.  We followed my 3 Garage Sale Habits, though I did surprise the youngest with lunch out.

Wow!  I jinxed myself by writing the preceding sentence before we went garage sale-ing!

My frugal 50 cent purchase, though I’m excited because I didn’t have one!

It was definitely a Frugal Friday!  I only spent 50 cents on one garage sale purchase!  It is a cute, little Corn Palace plate for the camper wall.  I’m glad I found it, but neither of us found anything else!

I did look extra long at a box of ribbon, but it was not on my ‘to buy’ lists.  I also have a lot of ribbon and I can’t think of any upcoming projects with ribbon.  It did not come home with me.

Next week, I will find a Fun or Frugal Project to do or hint to share.  I definitely don’t want to jinx my garage sale-ing again!

Hopefully, you will join me the rest of the summer, for more Frugal or Fun Fridays!

Happy Camping ( or enjoying an extreme Frugal Friday!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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