Finish it Friday: The Weeds are Taking Over

Good morning!  It is Finish it Friday time again!  I thought I should probably do something from my practical list, since I have done so many fun ones with the youngest lately.

I think that’s a kohlrabi among the weeds

It has been great doing projects I always intended to do, like tie dying, CD bubbles and sand candles, but my practical ‘to do list’ items are not getting crossed off.

I should be painting spindles, caulking, cleaning the sewing room or mending, but I decided to work on my changing-river-rocks-to-a-flower-garden area around the deck instead.  Since it is mid 90’s and humid this week, I headed out at 8:00 am. to the rocks.  Then I saw the garden.

Poor garden.  Every year, the husband says ‘Let’s make the garden smaller.’

Not sure my frugal trellis is working

And every year, I promise to weed and take care of it.  Hmmm, maybe next year will be better.  (The husband chuckled when he read that, I’m not sure he believes me.)

So, this Finish it Friday is about weeding, not a new flower garden.   I guess the purpose of the Summer Series challenge was to stop my procrastination, and I really procrastinate with the garden.

The husband tries to help; we put grass clippings between the rows which makes a big difference.   It takes at least 3-4 mowing times to mulch the whole garden, and by that time, the weeds can take over (especially if I don’t weed).

There was a small breeze as I weeded this morning and I took coffee breaks, but it was hard to leave the air conditioning when I needed to make a few trips into the house.

Maybe I need classes in how to use the old cultivator

Aunt Cathi’s Day Camp.  My siblings were discussing camps, and we joked that if I lived closer, it could be a good idea.  As I weeded, I thought- it could be a gardening day camp for the nieces and nephews!

Classes could include:   When to Weed (always)

How to Use an Old Cultivator (and not get slivers)

Which Weeds will Grow Back when You Pull and Leave Them in the Garden (maybe all of them!)

How to Use a Rake and Hoe

Training the Beans to Vine Up the Trellis, Not the Fence (that is coming down soon)

How to Weed while Sitting on a Bucket (my personal favorite)

How to Buy New Seeds, so Replanting is not Necessary (a very sad class, that I need to retake)


There was a kohlrabi there-but I need to plant more

I was having fun thinking of classes, art projects and weeding helpers most of the morning.  I mentioned the Gardening Camp to the youngest, maybe he would like to attend?

‘No, just No.’ was the response.

Maybe the nieces and nephews would enjoy it?

‘No, just No.’ was still the response.

First raspberry of the year!

Oh well, I thought Aunt Cathi’s Day Camp sounded nice, and thinking about it made the weeding go faster.

I was done with weeding, replanting carrots, kohlrabi and peas, and covering the potato towers with more dirt by 10:30!  Yea!

I’m glad to have the garden weeded, and have a practical item crossed off my ‘to do’ list.  It only took a few hours, and I’m hoping for more grass mulch soon.

Finally sweet corn tassels, I can’t wait for sweet corn!

Maybe next week will be a fun Finish it Friday, even if it is not, at least I’m getting stuff done and fighting procrastination.

Oh, and I thought of a few gardening classes that even the youngest would enjoy:  Admiring the New Sweet Corn Tassels and How to Enjoy the First Raspberries!

Happy Camping (or going to Day Camp)!

Frugal Campasaurus  





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