Finish it Friday: Finally Fun with Kids

Good morning!  I am so glad to finally be doing a fun Finish it Friday project.  The paint touch-ups and the mending are nice to have done, but they weren’t exciting.  

I decided to give the youngest a choice- cd bubbles or tie dye pillowcases.  I knew it would be cd bubbles-he has been collecting cds for a while and was excited to finally be able to try it. 

Scraping off the silver coating produced lots of fun sparkles, just like glitter! I’m glad the youngest is old enough to safely use a knife- he wanted to do everything himself, of course.

The next step was to melt the cd with a lighter.

Don’t get too close though, it will burn the cd, Then, the bubbles will not blow right.

Wow! I was amazed that it actually made bubbles! You have to blow hard, but it is sooo cool!

You can also make bigger bubbles!

Cd bubbles was such an easy, frugal fun project that we will definitely do them again. Especially this weekend, so the husband can see them!

We also worked on wall decorations for this year’s Vacation Bible School.  The theme is fun factory, so we colored and cut coffee filters to make gears.  Much cheaper than using colored paper plates.  I love frugal decorations, especially for VBS when the themes change every year.

For our first attempt, we colored the coffee filters with markers and then sprayed them with water. The color runs and they look nice, but doing them individually took forever! This method does work great with a large group of children.

The youngest was soon done helping, so I started dipping many coffee filters at once into diluted food coloring. Much faster!

They turned out great, though they need to be separated to dry.

Other years, I have cut out fish or flowers for VBS decorations. This year, a few simple cuts made gears.

I couldn’t believe how quick and easy the cd bubbles and the VBS decorations were!

I am also so glad that some of the Summer Series projects are fun, otherwise it would be hard to keep going all summer and fight procrastination. 

Happy Camping ( or finishing fun projects)!

Frugal Campasaurus

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