Finish it Friday: Touch up Painting

Good morning!  My new summer goal of finishing a project or trying one thing every Thursday and posting every Friday is definitely going to be a challenge.  I don’t think I like fighting procrastination.

This week, I looked at my to do list and couldn’t decide which item to finish. That is bad- it is only the 3rd week of the Summer Series and I am searching the list for the easiest item!

So this week, I chose another un-glamorous task: touch up painting.  Since I just painted the house last year, it should be easy….at least that is what I am hoping.  Of course there are also 2 sheds, a playhouse, a sandbox and the clothesline poles.  Very un-glamorous.  Next week, I’m going to pick something fun to finish with the kids!

Last year, it was easy to wrap the paint brushes and stick them in the refrigerator in between paint days. Eventually, they moved to the freezer. Thankfully, the paint brushes worked fine after they thawed out-and were the right color!

This is posting later than I wanted on Friday.  It really turned out to be a Finish it Friday project.  Some of the touch ups took longer than I expected and some will have to wait for another day. 

I really wanted to be done in the morning Thursday with the painting, but then I realized I had to paint all the steps and the railing for the playhouse. 

The steps and railing did turn out nice when they were done!

I had to remind myself the goal is not to rush and be done.   Especially when I saw how bad the sandbox covers were. The husband built 4 wood frames with hardware cloth wire to keep out the animals, but still let in rain. The sand doesn’t get super dry from lack of rain, but they are hard to paint.

My goal is to finish projects and enjoy the process. So I slowed down, found some shade to paint in and enjoyed the light breeze. 

Like the stairs, the covers look so nice after they are done. I’m glad I finished most of the touch-ups and didn’t procrastinate.  

I also got red and blue touch ups done on the clothesline, 2 sheds and the house and I enjoyed the frugal flowers as I painted! Verbena smells sooo good!

I will wait to paint the porch spindles.  Maybe there will be a light breeze again early next week and I will be motivated to finish the project with out a ‘push’ from the Summer Series.

Happy Camping (and enjoying the breeze)

Frugal Campasaurus

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