Finish it Friday: Spindles

Good morning!  This week, I am finally going to break down and do a practical project for Finish it Friday.   I really enjoy doing the family fun projects, though I think I might be saying that every week.  So this week, I will work on the house.  Even though I painted the house last year, I have been putting off finishing it.

It is a 120+ year old house.  I love the details and woodwork, but there always seems like something to work on.   Last year when we painted, there were many boards to caulk or replace.   A few spots did not survive the winter and they cracked again, so last week, I recaulked.  It rained before I could paint. This week, I have painted over the caulking and started the spindles.

I have wanted to do spindles for years.   We found them in a garage we tore down over 10 years ago. That is a lot of procrastination and putting projects off, now I know why.  The spindles take forever!

I did find a nice shade tree to relax under, while I painted them.  I even had coffee and company- the youngest came out to ‘help’.  Unfortunately, painting was not his idea of helping.

The youngest decided to make a contraption to help the spindles dry.  It was fun visiting while he tried to loop a rope through my shade tree branches.  It was not as fun when he got the rope stuck, and thought throwing a rock at it would knock it down. 

Thankfully, he wasn’t very close to me.  I did get worried when he would yell oops! and then duck.  The youngest did, eventually, get a string over the branches and was able to hang the spindles to dry.  I liked it, there just wasn’t enough room to hang all 34 spindles.

The spindle colors all needed 2 coats of paint.  About 1/3 of the way through the first coat, I wondered why I wanted 3 colors on the spindles. 

About 1/2 the way through, I started to like the youngest’s idea of just dunking the whole spindle in a gallon of paint.  I could alternate- solid red, solid white, solid blue,  too bad there is only 1 inch of paint left in the blue gallon.   Oh well, at least I have a nice breeze and nice company while I am working.  If I ask nice,  he might even warm up my coffee.

I hope you enjoy my partial Finish it Friday project.  I should pick shorter projects.  Just like removing the river rocks and planting wild flowers, painting and installing the spindles is going to take time.  I am glad that I have started painting the spindles.  I am getting closer to finishing the house painting, at least closer than when the spindles were all still in a bucket!

Update: Thankfully, both projects get finished! And it didn’t take another 10 years!

Happy Camping (or picking a project and finishing it)!

Frugal Campasaurus

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