Christmas Challenge: Redoing a Vintage Wreath

Good morning, morning! Oooh, the Christmas challenge project is late-like 3 months late! For the Year Round Christmas Challenge, I wanted to finish and post a Christmas project every 25th of the month. At least I have a project done for June, and it turned out so nice!

It is a good thing I’m doing the Christmas Challenge, I have procrastinated on the vintage wreath for quite a long time. Every year when I hang it up, I want to change the wreath, but it never gets redone. Then, I put the wreath away and think-maybe next year. I’ve done this more than 5 years!

Looks a little worn and sad

This year, I didn’t put it away.

I thought the vintage wreath could be March’s Christmas project. It is still hanging on my dining room door! Thankfully, now it is June’s project and the Christmas Challenge motivated me to finally finish it!

The vintage wreath is hard for me to redo because it is different: different colors, different styles, and from different years. It also has some sentimental family ornaments and some garage sale ornaments.

I wanted to change it so it was all sentimental family ornaments and decorations.

Like the wreath, our other Christmas decorations don’t match, but I add red bows, pine cones and gold glitter/beads everywhere-so it all seems to go together.

Since the vintage wreath has pink, light blue and lime green glass beads and pink glitter ornaments, I’m not sure red bows and pine cones would look right.

The amount of choices almost overwhelmed me. When I first started, I wanted all the types of sentimental family ornaments on the wreath: glass beads, glass ornaments, cards, wood ornaments, mini candle carolers, a Christmas stocking. It was too much.

Once I accepted the fact that I couldn’t use everything, it was easier making the wreath. Our new kitty had lots of fun helping me pick out things for the wreath, thankfully she didn’t break my grandpa’s ornaments.

There are not enough glass beads to hang on the Christmas tree, so I really wanted them on the wreath. They belonged to the husband’s great aunt, it’s so fun that we have them. Unfortunately, I’m not fond of pastel pink, pastel blue or lime green at Christmas.

I did like them double stranded with the silver glass beads though. I wish the candle carolers fit on the wreath, but there are three of them. All 3 were too big on the wreath, and I didn’t want to break up my mother-in-law’s set.

The finished wreath looks better. My grandpa’s glass ornaments stand out nice with the garage sale ones gone, and I love his glittery Christmas card. I am also glad it fit without cutting it.

While I wish I could have used all the sentimental ornaments and decorations for the vintage wreath, I am glad it is redone. Some silvery glitter pine cones might look nice, but right now it is finished! I hope you are able to finish a few Christmas projects now, and that I can finish a few more during the Year Round Christmas Challenge, so Christmas is a relaxed, joyful holiday!

Happy Camping ( or dreaming of Christmas!)

Frugal Campasaurus

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